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How do I Find my MAC Address?

To report to AmbientWeather.net, you must: 1. own an Ambient Weather branded weather station that directly connects to the Internet (models listed below). 2. own a third party weather station that connects to the WeatherBridge:more info… 3. own a Davis Instruments weather station and nano…

ObserverIP Firmware Update

Note: The WS-0900-IP was discontinued and firmware updates are no longer supported. ONLY use 4.5.8 for a WS-0900-IP Download Latest Version: 4.6.1 History: Version 4.6.1: Added support for the PM2.5 Indoor Sensor Version 4.5.8: Default station changed to WS-1550-IP RF Configuration process optimized Server LED…


How to Refresh Your Browsers Cache Clearing Cache Memory To ensure you see the latest version of a site you need to clear the cache memory. This is done by doing a force refresh by pressing both control and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard…

How do I update the Firmware for the ObserverIP Module?

To view your current version of firmware, access you IP Module through the IP address. The firmware version is shown in the upper right hand corner of the display. The version shown in the figure below is 4.0.0. For instructions on updating the firmware, visit…

Perform a Network Reset

To Perform a Network Reset: Please follow the steps below to perform a Network Reset: Unplug power to modem, router and weather console (unplug AC adapter and/or remove batteries). Plug power back into the cable Modem and let it sync back up with the network….

Firmware Upgrade for PM2.5 Sensor

There are two versions of firmware: Console Firmware WiFi Firmware The WS-2000 firmware must be updated to the following revisions in order to support the PM2.5 Sensor: Firmware Revision Number (console): 1.4.4 WiFi Firmware: AMBWeatherV4.1.4 To check the firmware version: How do I Check my…

Do Ambient Weather Stations support CWOP or APRS?

Yes and No….. Not directly, not at the moment. We have developed an API: API which allow programmers to create apps, including uploading to CWOP. The API documentation is available here: https://ambientweather.docs.apiary.io As you and others create apps, they are posted at our community listing:…

Firmware Upgrade for PM2.5 Sensor

The ObserverIP module requires Version 4.5.7 or greater to support the PM2.5 sensor. To update your firmware, please visit: How do I update the Firmware for the ObserverIP Module?    

No Longer Updating AmbientWeather.net beginning September 5, 2018

On September 5, 2018, AmbientWeather.net moved the website to a different hosting service. This may cause updates to cease if the DNS is cached on your device, network (router) or the Internet. One symptom is the dashboard stops updating, but the graphs continue to update….

How do I find my MAC Address, ObserverIP Series?

To find the MAC address of your IP Module: It is printed on the bottom of the IP Module on a sticker. Example: 00:0E:C6:D9:02:B4 (yours will be different). or: Go to the Weather Network panel on your IP Module:

What is the Model WS-1600-IP?

The WS-1600-IP is a combination of the ObserverIP Module, indoor thermo-hygrometer barometer WS-1000-BTH, and the Osprey sensor array (WS-2902). It has never been offered for sale but users with the WS-2902 can convert to the WS-1600-IP by purchasing an ObserverIP Module and WS-1000-BTH.

Sensor array loses signal at night, Osprey Series

1 . Replace the batteries.We recommend Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries like the following: https://www.amazon.com/Energizer-Ultimate-Lithium-Batteries-Each/dp/B00003IEME Lithium batteries have a wide temperature operating range. They operate between -40 degF and 140 degF. Alkaline batteries only operate to about +10 degF. Rechargeable batteries often have a limited life…

How do I calibrate the rain gauge, ObserverIP Series?

To calibrate the rain gauge, select the Calibration panel from your IP Module: The calibration parameter is a gain, where: Calibrated Rain = Gain x Measured Rain. For example, if you wish to add 10% to the measured rain, the gain is set to 1.10….

Ambient Weather ObserverIP Download Center

User Manual (required):Download the current User Manual for the IPObserver Module.ObserverIP User Manual IP Tools (required):The IP Scan Tool is required to find the IP address of the ObserverIP Module on your network, so you can program the IP Module with your web browser. It…

How do I Calibrate Barometer (Relative Pressure), ObserverIP Series?

To calibrate the relative pressure, select the Calibration panel from your IP Module: The following is an example of calibrating the relative pressure. Your results will vary. The local relative pressure from TV, the newspaper or the internet for the official station in your area…

Weather Station Software at AmbientWeather.com

Virtual Weather Station (discontinued) Download Center WeatherSnoop for Mac Cumulus Weather Station Software EasyWeather Software for PC EasyWeather Software for Mac EasyWeatherIP Software for WS-1001-WiFi, WS-1002-WiFi Weather Station for PC and Mac WS-3000 EasyTemp for PC Ambient Weather VW-ANET AmbientWeather.net Website Access for Nano, WeatherBridge…