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What is the difference between absolute and relative pressure?

Absolute pressure is the measured atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure is not corrected to sea-level conditions. To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions (referred to as relative pressure, or pressure relative to sea-level). Because the air pressure decreases as…

Testing the accuracy of a hygrometer - saturated salt test

The saturated salt solution test is an easy method for testing the accuracy of your humidity sensor. Most electronic sensors are accurate from +/- 3 to 5% humidity, and some weather stations or weather centers can be calibrated from the display console by applying a…

How can I test the accuracy of my hygrometer (humidity Calibration)?

Place the sensor inside next to the indoor console sensor. Wait about 24 hours for stabilization. The sensors should agree within the accuracy specifications. Most digital capacitive hygrometer sensors are accurate within +/- 5%. Thus, the sensors should agree within 10% when considering full tolerance…

The indoor Thermometer-Hygrometer-Barometer Stopped Reporting.

If the indoor thermo-hygrometer-barometer (WH25B) stops reporting:   Replace the batteries in the sensor. The sensor has an LCD display. Make sure the display is updating properly. Place the sensor about 10 feet from the console or receiver, and power down and up the console…

The Indoor Humidity is Stuck at a Fixed Value

If the indoor humidity is stuck at a fixed value: Replace the batteries. If the problem persists, we have a one year warranty. For details, visit:  www.AmbientWeather.com/rma.html  For out of warranty replacement, visit:  https://www.ambientweather.com/amws1000bth.html

The Barometer reads Dashes (--.--) on the Remote Sensor

If the barometer reads dashes or –.– on the LCD, the sensor needs replacing. We have a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please visit: www.AmbientWeather.com/rma.html For out of warranty replacement, please visit: https://www.ambientweather.com/amws1000bth.html