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What is the difference between absolute and relative pressure?

Absolute pressure is the measured atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure is not corrected to sea-level conditions. To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions (referred to as relative pressure, or pressure relative to sea-level). Because the air pressure decreases as…


How to Refresh Your Browsers Cache Clearing Cache Memory To ensure you see the latest version of a site you need to clear the cache memory. This is done by doing a force refresh by pressing both control and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard…

Wireless signal is intermittent or not working

Simply moving your display console (or receiver) to a different location may easily fix the communication issue. We recommend the following best practices for trouble free wireless communication. Fresh Batteries. If applicable, make sure there are fresh batteries in both the console and remote. Remember…

How do I update the Firmware for the ObserverIP Module?

To view your current version of firmware, access you IP Module through the IP address. The firmware version is shown in the upper right hand corner of the display. The version shown in the figure below is 4.0.0. For instructions on updating the firmware, visit…

Rain not reporting or under reporting, Observer Series

If the rain is under reporting, loss of reception may result in uncounted rain with older firmware. You can update to the latest firmware here: https://www.ambientweather.com/amwewswsdo.html For WS-1000, WS-1001, WS-1002, WS-1200, WS-1201 owners: Your display may be showing rain rate (in/hr) and it has not…

Testing the accuracy of a hygrometer - saturated salt test

The saturated salt solution test is an easy method for testing the accuracy of your humidity sensor. Most electronic sensors are accurate from +/- 3 to 5% humidity, and some weather stations or weather centers can be calibrated from the display console by applying a…

How do I test the accuracy of my rain gauge?

To determine the accuracy of a digital rain gauge, you need to know the surface area of the funnel. If the rain gauge has a rectangular inlet: Area = length x width If the rain gauge is circular: Area = ( π x d2 ) /…

Rain Increment Definitions

Your weather station may only display some of the following increments of rain. Please refer to your User Manual for details. Here are how increments of rain are defined: Rain Rate is defined as the rainfall in the last 10 minutes, multiplied by 6  (10 minutes…

Perform a Network Reset

To Perform a Network Reset: Please follow the steps below to perform a Network Reset: Unplug power to modem, router and weather console (unplug AC adapter and/or remove batteries). Plug power back into the cable Modem and let it sync back up with the network….

Wind Speed or Wind Gust Appears to Read Low.

This is a very common complaint with weather station owners, regardless of model numbers or manufacturers (from the low cost $100 weather station to $1000+ weather stations). Many of the units returned to us meet their accuracy requirements based on a constant speed fan test….

Do Ambient Weather Stations support CWOP or APRS?

Yes and No….. Not directly, not at the moment. We have developed an API: API which allow programmers to create apps, including uploading to CWOP. The API documentation is available here: https://ambientweather.docs.apiary.io As you and others create apps, they are posted at our community listing:…

Can I Add Additional Sensors to the ObserverIP Module?

Yes, for ObserverIP models: WS-0800-IP, WS-0900-IP, WS-1200-IP, WS-1201-IP, WS-1400-IP, WS-1401-IP, WS-1600-IP you can add up to 8 additional thermo-hygrometer sensors (WH31B): https://www.ambientweather.com/amwh31b.html You must make sure you are running Firmware Version 4.4.5 or greater: How do I update the Firmware for the ObserverIP Module?  

Can the Weather Station Measure Snow?

Most weather stations use self-emptying rain gauges, which do not count snow and will not operate when frozen. It requires the snow melt before the precipitation is “counted”.

How do I prevent snow build up on my weather station?

Snow build up is difficult to prevent, especially “wet snow”. You can spray the top of the unit with teflon snow and ice repellent like this: https://www.amazon.com/DuPont-Teflon-Snow-Repellant-10-Ounce/dp/B0031T82NO but this is not 100% effective. Snow is considered normal maintenance, and accumulated snow can be brushed off…

How can I test the accuracy of my hygrometer (humidity Calibration)?

Place the sensor inside next to the indoor console sensor. Wait about 24 hours for stabilization. The sensors should agree within the accuracy specifications. Most digital capacitive hygrometer sensors are accurate within +/- 5%. Thus, the sensors should agree within 10% when considering full tolerance…

Relative barometric pressure does not match official source.

Your relative pressure likely does not match the official source because you have not calibrated it properly. You will need to reference your User Manual for correcting relative pressure. Discussion: To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions….

No Longer Updating AmbientWeather.net beginning September 5, 2018

On September 5, 2018, AmbientWeather.net moved the website to a different hosting service. This may cause updates to cease if the DNS is cached on your device, network (router) or the Internet. One symptom is the dashboard stops updating, but the graphs continue to update….

How do I find my MAC Address, ObserverIP Series?

To find the MAC address of your IP Module: It is printed on the bottom of the IP Module on a sticker. Example: 00:0E:C6:D9:02:B4 (yours will be different). or: Go to the Weather Network panel on your IP Module:

Wind Direction is Wrong.

If the wind direction is incorrect, it is likely a calibration issue. You must calibrate your wind vane to true north using markers on the wind vane. This procedure is described in your product User Manual. Some other common mistakes. Wind direction appears 180 degrees…

What is the Difference Between the WH31 and WH31B?

Both the WH31 and WH31B are 8-channel thermo-hygrometers that support a variety of Ambient Weather Stations. The WH31 includes a radio controlled clock (RCC). The WH31B does not. The WH31 is only required for the WS-3000, which includes a Radio Controlled Clock. Our Internet Connected…