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ANDROID: Ambient Weather Free. The Ambient Weather App requires that you must own a weather station that reports data to AmbientWeather.net. Android awnet Free. Connect the Ambient Weather WS-2902A, WS-2902B, WS-2902C and Other Weather Stations to MiFi. Android Ambient Weather Osprey Tool Free. The Ambient…

How Can I Compare Your Different Weather Station Model Features And Specifications?

Personal Weather Station Comparison Chart: https://ambientweather.com/weather-station-comparison-chart The following is a comparison of specifications and features for the Ambient Weather station brands. We offer seven different brands: Falcon SeriesWS-8480 Observer SeriesWS-1201-IP Osprey SeriesWS-2902CWS-1900AWS-1550-IP Osprey SeriesWS-2000WS-5000 WS-7000 SeriesWS-7078WS-7079 WS-100 Series:WS-100 ColorView Series:WS-50 Each brand shares the same…

How do I update Observerip firmware using Linux

You must own a PC or Mac to update the firmware. Sorry, Linux products are currently not supported. Ambient Weather will update your ObserverIP at no cost (appropriate shipping charges will apply). Please fill out our Warranty Return form and mention you need the Observerip…