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What is the difference between absolute and relative pressure?

Absolute pressure is the measured atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure is not corrected to sea-level conditions. To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions (referred to as relative pressure, or pressure relative to sea-level). Because the air pressure decreases as…

How do I use Cumulus Software with EasyWeather?

Download the most recent version from the Downloads page here:https://cumuluswiki.wxforum.net/a/Main_Page Install and run the software. To communicate to this weather station, select Configuration | Station menu in Cumulus and select the Fine Offset station type option under Station Type.

Rain Increment Definitions

Your weather station may only display some of the following increments of rain. Please refer to your User Manual for details. Here are how increments of rain are defined: Rain Rate is defined as the rainfall in the last 10 minutes, multiplied by 6  (10 minutes…

Wind Speed or Wind Gust Appears to Read Low.

This is a very common complaint with weather station owners, regardless of model numbers or manufacturers (from the low cost $100 weather station to $1000+ weather stations). Many of the units returned to us meet their accuracy requirements based on a constant speed fan test….

Can the Weather Station Measure Snow?

Most weather stations use self-emptying rain gauges, which do not count snow and will not operate when frozen. It requires the snow melt before the precipitation is “counted”.

Relative barometric pressure does not match official source.

Your relative pressure likely does not match the official source because you have not calibrated it properly. You will need to reference your User Manual for correcting relative pressure. Discussion: To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions….

Temperature Reads too low at night.

Temperature can read too low (or inaccurate) at night when placed close to a radiant heat source, like a house, building or structure.  It can also read lower then other stations in your area due to irrigation or sprinklers. Place the sensor inside next to…

Reset all alarms at once, WS-2080, WS-2090, WS-2095 Series.

A factory reset will restore the memory to default conditions. Press and Hold the UP arrow key for 30 seconds to restore the display console to factory default. The console will beep and reset after 30 seconds. Let go of the UP arrow key. Wait…

How do I Reset Total Rain?

To reset the total rain, press the MENU button until the rain field flashes. Press the up key until the total rain is showing in the display field (the display alternates between 1 hour, 24 hour, week, month and total rain increments). Press the enter key four…

Sensor array not communicating with the display console, WS-2090, WS-2095, WS-5300, WS-5305 Series

If the sensor array is not communicating to the console: Replace the batteries. We recommend Lithium Energizer Ultimate batteries. Please reference: https://help.ambientweather.net/help/why-are-lithium-ultimate-batteries-recommended-and-not-alkaline-or-rechargeable-batteries/ The LED on the bottom of the unit should light up after replacing the batteries, and then flash once per minute. If the…

Can I calibrate sensors with the WS-2080, WS-2090, WS-2095 Series.

Some consoles allow for calibration of the following parameters: Indoor Temperature Outdoor Temperature Indoor Humidity Outdoor Humidity Wind Speed To determine of your console as calibration, refer to the User Manual here: https://p10.secure.hostingprod.com/@site.ambientweatherstore.com/ssl/Manuals/ws2080a.pdf Section 6.13.  

Transmitter Light Stays On All Of The Time

Remove the batteries and replace with non-rechargeable Energizer Lithium batteries. We have a discussion here:https://help.ambientweather.net/help/my-rechargeable-batteries-no-longer-work-which-batteries-are-recommended-for-my-weather-station/ Clean any corrosion around and on the battery terminals. If the problem persists, the sensor array must be replaced. We have a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please…

Outdoor or Indoor Temperature reads 140 degF or -40 degF.

If the console temperature reads 140 degF or -40 degF, a factory reset may resolve this issue. To restore to factory default settings, Press and Hold the UP arrow key for 30 seconds to restore the display console to factory default. The console will beep…

Time did not change to Daylight Savings Time

To set DST to on, you must be in the Time Set Mode. Press the menu key to enter the TIME Set Mode. You can skip over any setting by selecting the enter key. Display (LCD) Contrast Level. The display contrast value will begin flashing…