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Wind Speed Reads 0.0 even when the wind cups are spinning.

If the wind speed reads 0.0 even when the cups are spinning, the sensor array will need replacing. We have a one year warranty. For details, please visit: www.AmbientWeather.com/rma.html For out of warranty replacement, visit: https://www.ambientweather.com/amws5300array.html The sensor array also works with the Model WS-2080….

Temperature error is excessive, WS-2090, WS-2095, WS-5300, WS-5305 Series

Replace the batteries. We recommend Lithium Energizer Ultimate batteries. Please reference:https://help.ambientweather.net/help/why-are-lithium-ultimate-batteries-recommended-and-not-alkaline-or-rechargeable-batteries/ We have a one year warranty. To replace the sensor array under warranty, please visit: www.AmbientWeather.com/rma.html If out of warranty, the sensor array can be replaced here: https://www.ambientweather.com/amws5300array.html

How do I Clear Memory?

Press the history key to review and clear the historical data. Press the enter key to clear memory. The memory fill icon will be flashing. Press and hold enter key for 3 seconds to clear memory. Note: The console stores up to 4080 complete sets…

Outdoor Temperature Is Inaccurate Or Drifting, WS-5300, WS-2090 Series

Replace the batteries. We recommend the following batteries: https://help.ambientweather.net/help/my-rechargeable-batteries-no-longer-work-which-batteries-are-recommended-for-my-weather-station/ Clean any corrosion around and on the battery terminals. If the problem persists, the sensor array must be replaced. We have a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please visit: www.AmbienetWeather.com/rma.html If out of warranty, a…