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How do I clear rain on the WS-2902 Series?

To clear rain on the console: Press the RAIN button to switch between Rain Rate (in/hr), Rain Event, Rain Day, Rain Week, Rain Month, and Rain Total. Select the rain total you wish to clear. To reset the rain totals, press and hold the RAIN…

How can I test the accuracy of my hygrometer (humidity Calibration)?

Place the sensor inside next to the indoor console sensor. Wait about 24 hours for stabilization. The sensors should agree within the accuracy specifications. Most digital capacitive hygrometer sensors are accurate within +/- 5%. Thus, the sensors should agree within 10% when considering full tolerance…

How do I prevent snow build up on my weather station?

Snow build up is difficult to prevent, especially “wet snow”. You can spray the top of the unit with teflon snow and ice repellent like this: https://www.amazon.com/DuPont-Teflon-Snow-Repellant-10-Ounce/dp/B0031T82NO but this is not 100% effective. Snow is considered normal maintenance, and accumulated snow can be brushed off…

How do I Turn On or Off the Alarms, WS-2902 Series?

To turn on on or off alarms, enter the Alarm Mode. Press and hold the ALARM button for two seconds to enter the ALARM Set Mode. To save and proceed to the next alarm setting, press (do not hold) the SET button. To exit the…

Relative barometric pressure does not match official source.

Your relative pressure likely does not match the official source because you have not calibrated it properly. You will need to reference your User Manual for correcting relative pressure. Discussion: To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions….

Can the Weather Station Measure Snow?

Most weather stations use self-emptying rain gauges, which do not count snow and will not operate when frozen. It requires the snow melt before the precipitation is “counted”.

How do I Reset the Total Rain?

Press the RAIN button to switch between Rain Rate (in/hr), Rain Event, Rain Day, Rain Week, Rain Month, and Rain Total. Resetting the weekly rain also resets the daily rain. Resetting the monthly rain also resets the daily and weekly rain. Resetting the total rain…

Rainfall spikes, or over reporting.

Rainfall spikes, or over reporting is generally caused by pole vibration. Pole vibration can occur when it is very windy, or a bird lands on the weather station. Hail can also cause the rain gauge mechanism to vibrate. Make certain the pole is not vibrating during…

What is the Model WS-1600-IP?

The WS-1600-IP is a combination of the ObserverIP Module, indoor thermo-hygrometer barometer WS-1000-BTH, and the Osprey sensor array (WS-2902). It has never been offered for sale but users with the WS-2902 can convert to the WS-1600-IP by purchasing an ObserverIP Module and WS-1000-BTH.

I Cannot Connect the WS-2902A console to WiFi.

If you own an Android device, please reference this Help Guide: I Cannot Connect My WS-2902A To WiFi, Android. If you own an iOS (Apple) device, please reference this Help Guide: I Cannot Connect My WS-2902A To WiFi, Apple or iOS.  

Is it possible to Access the Raw Data from the Weather Station?

No, it is not possible to access the raw data from the WiFi Weather Stations. We have developed an API: API which allow programmers to create apps, and archive data. As you and others create apps, they are posted at our community listing:   Community…

Sensor array loses signal at night, Osprey Series

1 . Replace the batteries.We recommend Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries like the following: https://www.amazon.com/Energizer-Ultimate-Lithium-Batteries-Each/dp/B00003IEME Lithium batteries have a wide temperature operating range. They operate between -40 degF and 140 degF. Alkaline batteries only operate to about +10 degF. Rechargeable batteries often have a limited life…

How long will a weather station last?

A weather station’s life is greatly impacted by the environment. In general, a user can expect a 1 to 10 year life before replacing the sensor array. Salt Air. Salt air and salt spray is the most difficult environment for weather stations. They corrode bearing…

The wind vane does not spin as freely as the wind speed.

The wind vane was designed to be dampened on purpose so that the slightest wind does not change the wind direction, which would result in the wind being scattered or variable all of the time. If you review other products, it was a major complaint….

How do I Calibrate the WS-2902 Sensors?

Press and hold the TEMP. and MAX/MIN buttons at the same time for 5 seconds to enter calibration mode. The CAL icon will be displayed: To proceed to the next calibration setting, press (do not hold) the SET button. To exit and save the calibration…

Weather Station Console is Showing the Wrong Day of the Week.

If the weather station is showing the wrong day of the week: Make sure the year is correct. Make sure the month-day format is MM-DD and DD-MM (day/month vs month/day). Make sure the time zone is set correctly if the console time is radio controlled…

The Outdoor Temperature is Stuck and Never Changes, Osprey Series.

If only the temperature is stuck or does not change, and all of the other sensors are updating, it is possible the sensor array requires fresh batteries or needs resetting. Cover the solar collector to shut of the solar energy source. Cover remove the batteries….