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I Cannot Connect My WS-2902A To WiFi, Android.

Look for the WiFi icon  in the time field of the weather station console. Make sure this WiFi icon is on. If it is on, you already connected to WiFi. The WS-2902A will not connect to a Guest Account. If you have repeaters and they have…

Sensor Array Drains Batteries, Osprey Series.

If the sensor array drains batteries quickly after the batteries are replaced: Remove the batteries and replace with non-rechargeable Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries. We have a discussion here: Why are Lithium Ultimate batteries recommended and not Alkaline or rechargeable batteries? 2.  Clean any corrosion around…

Not connecting to Wifi with Mesh Network

Please follow the recommended steps when using a Mesh Network: Please make sure firmware is updated. Orbi: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/orbi.aspx#download , eero: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/213376263-How-can-I-check-to-see-if-there-is-an-eeroOS-update-available-on-my-network– , Google: https://www.support.com/how-to/how-to-update-a-google-wifi-mesh-router-12703 On the Mesh Network (examples,  Orbi, eero or Google), temporarily turn off all of the secondary nodes, leaving only the primary…

WS-2902A iphone/ipad unable to join AMBWeather-wifi

If you receive error ‘Unable to join “AMBWeather-wifixxxx”: If you receive error ‘Unable to join “AMBWeather-wifixxxx” when trying to set up the WS-2902A console with the awnet app on an ios device (iphone/ipad) please follow the steps below. Uninstall awnet app Restart iphone/ipad Resinstall awnet…

What sensors work with the WS-2902B console

Q: What sensors work with the WS-2902B console? A: The WS-2902B will ONLY work with the WH31/WH31B/WH31E, WH31P (probed) and PM25/PM25IN. It will NOT work with WH31L (lightning), WH31LA (leak alert), WH31SM (soil moisture)

My iphone cant connect with awnet app

Why is my iphone unable to connect using the awnet app? When you first open up the awnet app please make  sure you select ‘Allow While Using App‘. If you DO NOT select ‘Allow While Using App‘ then your iphone will not connect and you…

PM2.5 does not show up on AmbientWeather.net / Ambient Dashboard app

Why does my PM25/PM2.5 not show up on AmbientWeather.net / Ambient Dashboard app? You will need to update your consoles firmware and your wifi firmware to the most current versions as shown below. Console Firmware: https://help.ambientweather.net/help/how-do-i-update-firmware-ws-2000/ Wifi Firmware: https://help.ambientweather.net/help/how-do-i-update-the-wifi-firmware/

How can I disable wifi on the console

Q: How can I disable the wifi from broadcasting on my console? A: You cannot. The console is constantly broadcasting data and also inputting data from the NIST time server, as well as pinging(AmbientWeather.net) to make sure the connection is still alive in the event…

Tendency Arrows

What are Tendency Arrows? 6.14 Tendency Arrows Tendency arrows allow you to quickly determine of temperature or pressure are rising and falling in a three hour update period, updated every 30 minutes. Figure 27 defines the conditions for rising and falling pressure every 3 hours.