If you are uncertain which alarm is set or you simply want to turn off all of the alarms at once, we recommend a factory reset. This takes two hands at the same time:

  1. Remove one battery from the battery compartment. Wait 10 seconds for the console to go completely blank.
  2. Press and hold the [SET] and [MIN/MAX] buttons at the same time and reinsert the battery. Continue to hold. The backlight will flash 12 times.
  3. When the flashing is complete, let go of the buttons. The console has now been restored to factory default.
  4. Wait several minutes before pressing any buttons for the remote sensor to sync to the console.
  5. With the remote and console 10 feet away from each other, remove the batteries from the display console and wait 10 seconds. Put the batteries back in.
  6. Do not touch any buttons for several minutes.
  7. The remote sensor search icon  will appear near where the outdoor temperature and humidity would normally be.  Wait several minutes for this icon to turn off.

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