1. Login into your camera and view the camera web interface.  Select Network | FTP Settings from the menu.

2. Enter the following settings:

  • FTP Server: ftp://webcam.wunderground.com (the name of the
    WeatherUnderground FTP server)
  • FTP Port: 21 (this is the standard port for any FTP server)
  • FTP User: Enter the Camera ID obtained from WeatherUnderground here:


    The Camera ID is case sensitive and will include the characters “CAM” (example, AmbientCAM1).

  • FTP Password: Enter your WeatherUnderground.com password. This
    is case sensitive.
  • FTP Mode: PASV (signifies Passive mode)

3. Press TEST to confirm there are no FTP errors and the login credentials were entered correctly. The camera will return Success.

4. Press Set FTP Schedule button to save the settings and go to the FTP Schedule page.

5. Press Save to save the settings.

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