There are four basic issues that will limit the wireless range of the weather station:

  1. Is the weather station console near other electronic devices? If so, move the weather station console to a new location.
  2. Are you using the prescribed lithium batteries in the sensor array? Alkaline and other battery chemistry will only operate to + 10 degF. Lithium Energizer Ultimate Batteries operate to -40 degF.
  3. How far is the sensor array from the console? The line of sight RF range is 300′, 100′ under most conditions. Reference the More Help Guide below for a discussion on line of sight, and the effect of walls or barriers.
  4. Is the wireless signal transmitting through metal or thick walled concrete? How many walls or obstructions is it transmitting through? Metal or thick wall concrete can block a wireless signal.

If you continue to have issue, please read the More Help Guide below:

More Help:

If the sensor array is intermittent, or stops communicating at night or at dark, read this guide first:

Wireless signal is intermittent or not working

The guide recommends changing batteries and moving the sensor array or console around, or paying attention to barriers,  to overcome interference and distance.

it is important to note what LED light is doing on the bottom of the sensor array:

  • LED on all of the time
  • LED off all of the time
  • LED flashing rapidy
  • LED flashing normally (16 seconds)

If the LED is on all of the time, please reference:

Sensor array transmitter light stays on, or does not flash once per 16 seconds, no communication

If the LED  is flashing rapidly, please reference:

Sensor array is no longer communicating to the console, LED is flashing rapidly.

If the LED is flashing normally every 16 seconds, please reference:

Sensor array is no longer communicating to the console, LED is flashing normally (every 14 seconds)

If the LED is not flashing at all:

Please reset the sensor array:

  1. Cover the solar collector to shut of the solar energy source.
  2. Cover remove the batteries.
  3. Press the reset button for a full minute. There should be no LED flashing
  4.  Reinsert the batteries
  5. Uncover the solar collector.
  6. LED should flash once per 16 seconds. If it is not flashing, the sensor array must be replaced.
  7. Power down and up the console to resync.
  8. If the outdoor temperature and humidity are still showing dashes (–) after several minutes, the sensor array must be replaced.
  9. We have a one year warranty. To replace the sensor array, please visit:
  10. If out of warranty, the sensor array can be purchased here:

If it is very cold outside, please reference:

When it gets cold out, my weather station stops communicating


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